Comment 9 for bug 1098263

fuchur (fuchur77) wrote :

I tested it now with build 6629 and got at startup the following message:
Fallback settings in effect
Your video settings could not be enabled, and fallback settings are in effect. Please check the graphics options!

The selected graphics options were 800x600, 16 bit, no fullscreen, OpenGL enabled. I can start a new game, but unfortunately in the game all the buttons missing. The ones to save a game, show statistics, exit the game and so on. And the window looks more like 640x480 than 800x600, maybe the buttons are just not visible because of that. As I know that for me the problem is OpenGL I can disable it in the advanced settings and everything works fine. But after changing the graphics options I have to exit the game first and restart it, otherwise it crashes when I click on "new game".

The good thing is that widelands now starts with a warning and doesn't simply disappear like before :-)
And this warning comes everytime I start widelands until I disable OpenGL, so a user can find out the reason for it. Thanks for changing that!