Comment 5 for bug 1098263

fuchur (fuchur77) wrote :

Ok, I uninstalled the previous build, removed the config file and installed build 6594. Unfortunately the behaviour is still the same, also the content of the stderr file.

The stdout file mentions something of OpenGL enabled.

Set home directory: C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\xxx\.widelands
No version file found
There's no configuration file, using default values.
Widelands executable directory: C:\Programme\Widelands
Adding executable directory to search path
No version file found
Adding directory:.
No version file found
Adding directory: C:\Programme\Widelands
No version file found
selected language: (system language)
Graphics: Trying Video driver: 0 windib SDL_VIDEODRIVER=windib
Graphics: Trying opengl
Graphics: Try to set Videomode 800x600 16Bit
Graphics: Setting video mode was successful
Graphics: OpenGL: OpenGL enabled
Graphics: OpenGL: Double buffering enabled
Graphics: OpenGL: Max texture size: 2048
Graphics: OpenGL: Number of aux buffers: 0
Graphics: OpenGL: Number of stencil buffer bits: 8
Graphics: OpenGL: Maximum number of textures for multitextures: 3
Graphics: OpenGL: Version 1.3 "1.3.3927 WinXP Release"
Graphics: OpenGL: Textures must have a size power of two
Graphics: OpenGL: Multitexture capabilities sufficient
 hw surface possible 0
 window manager available 1
 blitz_hw 0
 blitz_hw_CC 0
 blitz_hw_A 0
 blitz_sw 0
 blitz_sw_CC 0
 blitz_sw_A 0
 blitz_fill 0
 video_mem 0
 vfmt 003eade8
 size 800 600
Graphics: flags: 2

Caught exception (of type '11_wexception') in outermost handler!
The exception said: [c:/data/bzr/widelands/trunk/src/graphic/render/] No support for GL_ARB_framebuffer_object or GL_ARB_framebuffer_object in OpenGL implementation. One of these is needed for Widelands in OpenGL mode. You can try launching Widelands with --opengl=0.

This should not happen. Please file a bug report on version bzr6594[trunk](Release).
and remember to specify your operating system.
-----end stderr-----
It seems that OpenGL is detected and works in principle, but some functions are not supported, like the GL_ARB_framebuffer_object