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Bug #1235245: upstart-monitor cannot run without gtk libraries installed Undecided New 71 weeks

From: Jari Turkia
Link: upstart-monitor.cli.patch


Bug #1270579: On laptops, screen brightness and keyboard backlight isn't memorized between sessions Undecided Confirmed 167 weeks

From: r2rien

Bug #1447756: [SRU] segfault in log.c code causes phone reboot loops Undecided Fix Committed 202 weeks

From: James Hunt
Link: bug-1447756-both-fixes.diff


Bug #595774: init: add SELinux support Wishlist Triaged 458 weeks

From: Michael Biebl
Link: 01-selinux.patch


Bug #557177: init: support mandatory arguments, or prevent starting of tasks without any arguments Wishlist Triaged 468 weeks

From: Chris Ladd
Link: mounted-tmp.conf.patch


Bug #388746: util: audit events Wishlist Triaged 481 weeks

From: Petr Lautrbach
Link: libaudit.patch

libaudit patch rebased for 0.6

Bug #252997: init: respawn should try again after a while? Wishlist Triaged 490 weeks

From: Laurent Glayal
Link: upstart-respawn-forever.patch

Cycle respawn every 5 minutes if process is respawning too fast

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