Comment 4 for bug 68904

Yes, I'm afraid that it's important that your system is reverted to the non-working state for us to find out what's wrong. So far, you are the only person with this problem out of the millions of people who are now running edgy; so we need to figure out what's special about your system and fix things.

Does upstart literally not print anything? You don't see a line beginning "init:" ? I would really appreciate a photo of the screen at that point, there may be something really important on the screen at that point that you've missed, or the lack of something important may be what tells me what's wrong.

There won't be anything in /var/log, at that point the system hasn't booted so the filesystem isn't writable. We need to debug this the old fashioned way I'm afraid.

One thing I noticed in your kernel config:

# CONFIG_INOTIFY is not set

Could you try building a kernel with inotify support?

I have a feeling that the failure to configure an inotify watch may cause configuration files to not get parsed!