Activity log for bug #556001

Date Who What changed Old value New value Message
2010-04-05 20:35:53 Trevor Turk bug added bug
2010-04-07 16:38:51 Scott James Remnant (Canonical) summary Upstart should include pid as an environment variable init: pid of running process should be provided to side-along processes
2010-04-07 16:38:58 Scott James Remnant (Canonical) upstart (Ubuntu): status New Invalid
2010-04-07 16:39:08 Scott James Remnant (Canonical) bug task added upstart
2010-04-07 16:39:18 Scott James Remnant (Canonical) upstart: status New Triaged
2010-04-07 16:39:22 Scott James Remnant (Canonical) upstart: importance Undecided Wishlist