Comment 0 for bug 995716

Jay S (topdownjimmy) wrote :

Normally the Launcher behaves as expected, but after one or more applications have been started and their windows minimized, it becomes laggy and sometimes totally unresponsive. Symptoms include:

* Hovering over icons in the Launcher doesn't reveal tooltip
* Clicking icons in the Launcher doesn't do anything
* Clicking menus in the Panel doesn't do anything

After a while, the Launcher becomes *slightly* more responsive, but tooltips and menus are laggy, and the menu of the last active window still appears in the Panel when I hover over it.

Usually the problem goes away on its own, and Unity begins behaving normally again, but sometimes I have to alt-tab to a running application -- thus restoring the application's window -- to get unstuck.

Newly installed Precise 64-bit with NVIDIA binary drivers and dual-monitor TwinView setup.