Comment 9 for bug 784558

Doug Morse (dm-dougmorse) wrote :

[Apologies for the duplicate post to those who receive two of these; I posted to the wrong bug report.]

Just happened to me as well, for all four viewports (i.e., dock stuck on all four of them, for all windows). First time it's happened to me. Ubuntu 11.04 x64. No pending updates at the time of the problem.

Logging off and back on seemed to have fixed the problem, at least for the last few minutes. After logging out, I did switch to console 1 to see if I had any other processes running. Two pulseaudio procs, which I've observed is normal and I left those alone. One evolution process, something to do with the calendar factory. I killed that one before logging back in, as I don't use evolution. Probably unrelated, but I figured I mention it as I've only rarely noticed that calendar factory proc running in the past.