Comment 4 for bug 731162

Matthew Paul Thomas (mpt) wrote :

The HIG does not cover use of ellipses in launchers or launcher categories, though it does contain a screenshot showing "Add/Remove…" with ellipsis.

With very few exceptions, the implied task for any launcher or launcher category always requires further input, and adding an ellipsis to all of them would add clutter without making anything more understandable. In the context of a launcher or an "Applications" menu, it is obvious that the items are launchers or launcher categories.

However, the "Add/Remove…" example suggests that when something is labelled with a verb phrase, an ellipsis becomes necessary to explain that the action is not instant. For example, "Find More Apps" without ellipsis could be interpreted as meaning that the results you're seeing are just preliminary, and that clicking there will search for more and add them to the existing view. Adding an ellipsis would be one way of clarifying this; removing the "Find" verb would be another.