Comment 84 for bug 720446

pbean (paulabean73) wrote :

I am also experiencing very high memory usage with compiz, but unlike most reports I'm not using any kind of system monitor, dashboard or whatever thing. I'm using a normal Gnome session with nothing but a few application icons on my panel. Over the past weekend, the memory usage went up to 2.5GB. And since a reboot yesterday it went up to about 600MB right now.

Attached is a compiz.log with memory shown increasing over night. I wasn't using the computer. I had Firefox, a terminal and IntelliJ Idea open. The log also contains a list of running processes.

It's not a big deal for me, having 8GB of RAM in this machine, but it sure is an annoying bug.

I'm not sure if I'm using "unity" or "classic", or whatever. I know I disabled that new stuff of Ubuntu and just selected Gnome as session.