Comment 18 for bug 674138

neels (neels) wrote :

I'd like to add that the window focus can be made to *alternate* repeatedly between two windows. Switch on FFM and place your mouse cursor over the shadow that the topmost window makes.

Hint: I can use FFM almost like in the old days using the "ubuntu-classic" session and the ring-switcher for the alt-tab action. However, I am not convinced. I don't like the ring-switcher animation.

I view this issue as a serious regression, not a nice-to-have. I feel slapped in the face by my favourite distro.

OT rant: (Other grievances with the new ubuntu/unity: it is hardly
configurable. What happened to the good old right click? The menu to
select applications is clunky, showing only few results even though
there is a lot of unused space, and showing apps that aren't
installed instead. The new searchable menu requires a lot more clicks to reach
standard apps. Often, it needs both mouse and keyb interaction, which is
slow. Unity deprecates all those panel apps people use around the world,
which is hardly polite. The overlay scrollbar is a downright insult to
interface design, if one takes the liberty of not viewing it from a
touch device perspective. It can only be disabled system-wide, what's up
with that. And the worst is, sometimes button clicks and scrollwheel
actions seem to have no effect! I'm currently looking for all the right
issues to comment on about this. But I'm really really put off. Ubuntu
was a simple-to-install and get-to-work-right-away distro. Now I need
days of work to remove all the clunks put in my way.)