Comment 11 for bug 674138

Jeff Jahr (malakais) wrote :

I like the suggestion in comment #5- dynamically disable GM if FFM is on. However, it sure would be nice to find a way to get them to co-exist and not have to choose one over the other.

I'd like to offer another suggestion. Forgive me if it has already been discussed.

Under "Control Center" -> "Window Preferences", there are two options, "Select windows when the mouse moves over them" and a sub-option "Raise selected windows after an interval" with a tunable "Interval before raising". If "Select windows when mouse moves over them" had a similar option for "Interval before selecting", I think that might fix the problem. Delaying the focus change for just a few tenths of a second should let the pointer skip over intervening windows on its way up to the menu bar without losing focus on the original window.

Thanks! -jsj