Comment 334 for bug 668415

Paulo Fino (finomeno) wrote :

Dear Mark,

Can there be a 180 degree switch? Moving most of what's on the left to the right (launcher, Ubuntu button, window controls) and vice-versa?

Ubuntu and Unity are the result of an amazing effort millions of people have accompanied and contributed to over all these years. My deepest respect for that. Unity does fit very well into the new "touch everything" paradigm, that's taking over devices whether we want it or not. Still, on the desktop, there is one thing about Unity that makes the whole thing feel awkward. It's as if it was designed for left-handed users. I have seen this opinion quite some times online lately, and I can't help to agree. You just want to flip the desktop 180 degrees.
Menus and launchers are not that frequently accessed in between launching and closing applications, and switching between windows. The human (right-handed) brain tends to perceive information on a screen from the top left corner in a Z-shaped path. So that corner, from a purely practical point of view, would be the most useful for a system/notification tray + clock. And keeping start and launcher on the right would feel more natural for right-handed people because they wouldn't need to jerk the cursor far left to switch apps, hitting the laptop/keyboard while doing it.
I hope you would consider an integrated flipping solution to allow a degree of customization which wouldn't break the other wonderful thinks Ubuntu brings people.

Thank you for your continuous effort to promote Linux.

Kind regards,
Psulo Fino