Comment 320 for bug 668415

outtatime (obligat) wrote :

Dear Mark Shuttleworth!

Launcher is on the bad side.
I mean the window decorations, the dash, the launcher (with ubuntu-logo, with dash-button, in current, but mirrored form) can be horizontal mirrored to the right side without bugs?

In its current form is useless and uncomfortable to work across the screen. I am right-handed (most of people too), the mouse is on the right side of computer, the mouse-pointer is almost somewhere on the right side of screen, the scrollbars too, but the launcher, the dash, and everything is on the left.This is illogical, uncomfortable, slow to use, or useless.

It is one solution for the unity haters just like me :) ) the basic useability and/or proposal to make this thing useful at all, not some useless eyecandy windows-like, or mac-osx-like solution :)
You wanna in the future the launcher close to ubuntu-button? Make a horizontal mirror frome the whole thing, and let the user choose!

Mark Shuttleworth (sabdfl) wrote on 2010-12-11: #17

"[...]the way we think it's going to be
best for folks, and that explicitly precludes trying to fit everything
that everyone wants into it"

Congratulations Sir!

Perhaps more community attitudes please!
Make a question, and READ the answer!
Or read the proposals!
Don't make "I think it sholud be (must be) good to the people" solutions.