Comment 317 for bug 668415

WhatTheTech (info-s) wrote :

Hi there,

I'm rather new to Ubuntu, having only installed it two days ago on a Samsung Chromebook. At first, I wasn't sure about it - coming from using macs for many years it felt mildly familiar, but just not quite there. After some customization (moving to the radiance theme, adding a brightness applet to the tool bar) I really started to enjoy the Ubuntu experience. With programs such as Chromium readily available, there was almost no reason to switch back to ChromeOS and I even found myself spending less and less time on my Mac desktop! It only took two days for me to want to move the launcher - I first tried to right click on it (my mac is showing...), to no avail. "No problem," I thought to myself, "I'll just change it in the system settings." Again, there was no option. I couldn't really understand it, so I did some googling. That's how I ended up here. That's how I discovered that the Ubuntu developers seem to be turning away from the demands of hundreds of their users.

This smacks of big business. Not giving users the option reminds me too much of Windows and Mac, and that is far from a good thing in this case.

Add my name to the list, but I think this "small" issue is an indicator of a far greater issue that goes deeper than surface-level aesthetics.

For now, I'll be following this tutorial:

It's a shame that the folks at Canonical have not yet listened to their users. Free OS or not, we are the life-force of your daily toil, and we are fickle by nature. You have been warned many times now, allow me to add mine to the heaping pile of requests from people with one foot out of the door. So I haven't been using Ubuntu for years - I represent one of the most important demographics: new users. Without us, you're toast.