Comment 23 for bug 668415

Dear Mr Mark.
Why? WHY? Why? You said that there are design goals which prohibit this little improvement. Can we, humble users, know the reason of this denial? Maybe we just don't know about something great to come. Many of human crimes come from misunderstandings. Many of those could have been prevented. Please - enlighten us at least: WHY won't we be able to customize Unity? One simple question. Is it that hard? Also, I would like to point out, that scientists proved that low ceilings have bad impact on human creativity. Here this applies as well. The effect is especially oppressive on small wide screen displays.
Yes. I speak about "new bug". But it is something similar and I don't want to ignite another bug procedure. What I want is healthy discussion of "Unity customization" topic. I do understand that there are many goals and designs. But have you ever considered subconsciousness impact in user interfaces? For example: I removed from my FullHD display the upper panel. Just that. When my computer illiterate sister glanced on the screen, she asked, whether I changed my distro. It was a matter of a split second. Also, I made an experiment on myself. I used "top only" set for about a month. Now I switched the panel to bottom. It was great relief for me. Similar to someone's having put a weight off my spine. Please consider this. Again, what I ultimately want is healthy conversation, which will lead to understanding of both sides and agreement.
Don't be inexorable, Mr Mark.
By the way, I never had occasion to thank you for the Ubuntu fonts. I fell in love with them the day the new logo emerged. Now I use them everywhere. Because of that, I have faith in your vision. Just don't be adamant. When you make new font, you don't force people to use it. When you make new shell, you should leave the possibility to customize it. As can be seen in the net, almost every Ubuntu user leaves the default set-up. But there is a huge group of customizers who love to tinker with their interfaces. Let them to have fun with Unity too.
Thank you for your attention.