Comment 19 for bug 668415

SRoesgen (s-roesgen) wrote :

I suppose that is what nearly everybody wants and to me your few sentences are the most cogent and reasonable proposal I have heard up to now.
At least there appears to be no logical argument against your suggestion.

I am now rather thrilled to hear any counterargument.

btw.: It certainly has nothing to do with design decision to prevent somebody from moving the launcher from its default position (left edge of the screen) to another position. What will happen next? Are there any additional proposals concerning design questions? Will the next step be to decide that people do not need the minimize/maximize function of a browser window or their office application just because by design it was decided that browsing the web and writing a text with a maximized windows is per se the best way to use a software?
And yes, there is always the possibility to fork something because it is open source and one simply can add additional features to the fork. But I personally hear this answer much to often in the open source world. I myself am a linguist and not a software programmer. I do not have the time to fork something everytime I do not like how it is designed.
I love Ubuntu it is the best Linux distribution I know and with every new release I am excited to have a look at the new features. But I suppose one should at least sometimes listen to some voices of the community if it comes to such simple design questions like the one being discussed here.