Comment 10 for bug 668415

SRoesgen (s-roesgen) wrote :

Saying that the reason not to make the Unity Launcher moveable is simply a design decision appears in my opinion invalid.

Why? Simply because it is not an OEM solution anymore if you want to spread Unity to the desktop of every day users. You want to appeal to normal people? Then do so. If you take away the choice to modify the desktop the way one is used to do, will actually drive back many normal users.
Normal users are used to have the launcher at the bottom of the screen. And though this might sound stupid it still is a a point to be made: appeal to normal users by presenting them something that is not too alien to them. Certainly you want a design that is unique and special. But that is not the right way. Making it possible to move the launcher should definitively be a small thing to implement and denying this option to other users appears more erratic and unreasonable that logical.

It should not be any problem to put the launcher at the left edge of the screen. Why not? But also, one should consider making it possible to adjust the placement of the launcher (be it the right or the bottom of the screen). We are not all equal and some are more individualistic than other users. Make it possible for them to modify such a simple thing as the launcher.

And by the way: what about those users that come from Arabia or Isreal? Or where ever else in the world the read from right to the left side? These people are usually fixated on the upper right corner of the screen and not the upper left one. At least for them it should be possible to put icons AND launcher on the right side of the screen.