Comment 36 for bug 646724

I am writing a little one time process then crawl your folders and emits an
open event to zeitgeist... :)
Thanks for the idea

On Thu, May 12, 2011 at 3:30 PM, Christoph Buchner <
<email address hidden>> wrote:

> Just to be clear, I don't want to replace ZG, I didn't even intend to
> pull tracker into this (it was just meant as a technology reference, I
> shouldn't have mentioned it at all maybe). I'm just looking for a
> feasible solution to enable users to be able to find all files they
> would most probably search for, using unity. Seeing that this feature is
> powered by ZG, I see 3 alternatives:
> a) manually open all files, or wait until user has interacted with all
> files without her being able to use unity search for said interaction in
> the meantime (this is the status now, and I think we all agree it's not
> very enticing).
> b) Add an option to ZG to point to some directory (e.g. stuff in the users'
> extra data partition), whose contents will then be indexed _once_ by ZG.
> (Comment #29) This is basically an automated version of a), something like a
> "fast-forward" button.
> The state of the index should then be not much worse than after normal
> usage for a long time, assuming the user will stumble over most of the files
> in said directory during normal usage, over time. Wildcard exceptions could
> be added to minimize cruft being added to the db (e.g. *~ files)
> Is this a workable idea? If not, why? Are there negative performance
> impacts on ZG and/or unity-place-files I don't see?
> Pro: tracker or similar technology does not have to be involved.
> c) Write a script which, when pointed to a directory, accesses all the
> files sequentially, thus adding them to the ZG index as desired by the
> user. (comment #31) Admittedly the most hackish workaround, and just
> saves you the tedium of opening and closing files for a day or so, to be
> able to find them with unity-place-files.
> To me at least, b) sounds reasonable. thoughts? alternatives?
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> Title:
> not all files show up in files-place
> Status in Unity:
> Triaged
> Status in Unity Files Place:
> Triaged
> Status in Zeitgeist Framework:
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> Bug description:
> The Unity interface, with its files-place feature for user access to
> files/documents etc. is really great.
> However there is a problem since the search feature relies wholly on
> zeitgeist (AFAIK), in the zeitgeist is not tracking everything.
> E.g. in openoffice, I create a new file (or open an existing one) from
> within openoffice itself. This file does not show up, presumably
> because openoffice does not (yet) push its activity to zeitgeist.
> I guess any number of other programs could suffer the same problem.
> For the average user, this is surely going to be confusing. They will
> create documents via legitimate means ('New ...' buttons in their
> applications), and then expect to be able to search for them in the
> Unity files-place interface.
> To avoid this confusion I would guess there really needs to be a
> filesystem watcher on the home dir (or key folders within it) so that
> zeitgeist is aware of activity caused by non-zeitgeist-aware
> applications.