Comment 11 for bug 608132

Lain_13 (lain-halfbit) wrote :

Things which doesn't work as I expect (I don't really know how they should):

- To move into list of icons you have to press down twice.
Actually it works fine when dash just opened but try to open "Media Apps" or "Internet Apps" and you will have to press down twice. You have to press it twice if you start typing app name and want to select one of suggested too.

- I have to move cursor down at all when I typing app name and want to select second or third one.
I tried usual Unity and when I started to type program name first program in the list were selected by default. So, I clearly seen which program will be started if I press enter. When I tried to chose another app with left-right keys cursor moved to that apps. I want to have same functionality in unity 2d too. There are almost no use for left-right navigation inside typed string because it's easier to press backspace few times and retype word properly then go to the right place and fix it. I thing navigation between apps is more important then ability to fix 1 wrong letter in the middle of 1-2 short words.