Comment 30 for bug 1171663

On 02/08/13 19:09, Stephen M. Webb wrote:
>> Since the final line says "committed" but not "released", does that mean I could wait until the fix is "released" for
>> "Raring", which would include Unity 7.0?
> Yes.
> The -proposed pocket is there for testing release candidates to make
> sure (a) they fix the problem and (2) they do not introduce new
> problems. Once a few valiant testers verify those conditions hold, the
> package(s) is (are) moved into the general release archives and the bug
> marked 'Fix Released'.
> So, assuming someone else is testing and verifying the package, you
> could just wait. The downside to that is nobody else may be interested
> in verifying the bug is fixed by the release candidate.
Well, if I can get the right Unity update, which for whatever reason is
not as Saikrishna specified it, I can test.