Comment 25 for bug 1171663

Yup, they say that. But as I said previously in this thread, 'proposed' contained 80 items last time I looked, some of them doubtless inadvisable, and none of them clearly labelled in any way which would allow me to identify the desired one. This is the first time I have tried to follow through a bug fix. Looking at the 'status' for this fix, I see:

Status in Unity: Fix Committed
Status in Unity 7.1 series: Fix Released
Status in “unity” package in Ubuntu: Fix Released
Status in “unity” source package in Raring: Fix Committed

Since the final line says "committed" but not "released", does that mean I could wait until the fix is "released" for "Raring", which would include Unity 7.0? I failed to spot that crucial qualification in the Status until just now, when you asked me which version of Unity I had, so I am only guessing.