Comment 24 for bug 1171663

On 02/08/13 17:29, Saikrishna Arcot wrote:
> Rowan, what version of Unity do you have? Use "apt-cache policy unity"
> to see what version you have. If the installed and candidate versions
> say 7.0.0daily13.04.18~13.04-0ubuntu1, then you need to enable the
> -proposed pocket.
Yup, they say that. But as I said previously in this thread, 'proposed'
contained 80 items last time I looked, some of them doubtless
inadvisable, and none of them clearly labelled in any way which would
allow me to identify the desired one. If you could look at the
'proposed' list as seen in the ordinary user's GUI, not as seen by
developers, and tell me what I want, then I shall leave that (or those)
ticked, and untick the other ~79 items (the only way to do it. Thanks.

And why in fact am I not getting it, anyway? Why doesn't this fix work
for all versions of Unity? Why don't I have the desired version of
Unity? Why isn't that part of the general updates?