Comment 19 for bug 1171663

It isn't quite that simple, Marco. "Sudo apt-get update unity" returns "update accepts no arguments." As for the update manager, there are at least seven items in the "Ubuntu base" proposed list which could be relevant, and here is my list of them, but of course I cannot guarantee that there aren't others that are relevant: "Application lens for unity", "Common files for the Unity interface", "Core library for the Unity interface", "Display Manager", "Panel indicator applet - shared library" (twice, one 25kB and the other 29 kB), and "Services for the Unity interface". There is no separate category for "Unity" such that one can select that, or deselect other categories by right-click. Every item just has a tick box which one can untick. So unless I want unexpected proposed modifications installed, some of which might not work, I am better off not trying it. I need a definite name for the specific fix we are talking about, and then I can just untick everything else, tedious though that is (there are over 80 items in the proposed list currently). I think I might be wiser to wait.