Comment 36 for bug 1057000

Dàrent (animaletdesequia) wrote :

I can confirm that the workaround in #35 works! I just had to add that line to the Device section of xorg.conf where the nvidia card is configured (at first I thougth it should be in the input section but it seems that the problem is more related to the graphic drivers, not the mouse management.
The only problem is that it didn't work in my user xorg.conf (the hidden one in my home folder) but editing /etc/X11/xorg.conf worked perfectly. Thanks a lot Doug! Please spread the fix because the last weeks I've been googling for a solution I've noticed an increasing number of people having this problem and this is the first real solution I've found.
I'm still Waiting for an nvidia update but at least my desktop is useful again. Unity without the launcher is a real show stopper.
I've also used tabulation between the words Option and "ConstrainCursor" instead of a single space (I'm not sure if it makes any difference, just wanted to make sure the line had the same structure that the rest of the file).
Good luck everyone.