Activity log for bug #1552078

Date Who What changed Old value New value Message
2016-03-02 04:37:29 Brian Douglass bug added bug
2016-03-02 05:03:48 Brian Douglass summary Activate should default to "Not Handeled" Activate should default to "Not Handled"
2016-03-02 13:16:56 Alexandre Abreu unity-js-scopes: assignee Alexandre Abreu (abreu-alexandre)
2016-03-03 22:01:28 Alexandre Abreu branch linked lp:~abreu-alexandre/unity-js-scopes/not-handled-activation-query-default
2016-03-03 22:05:57 Alexandre Abreu unity-js-scopes: status New Confirmed
2016-03-03 22:05:59 Alexandre Abreu unity-js-scopes: importance Undecided Medium
2016-03-03 22:06:01 Alexandre Abreu unity-js-scopes: status Confirmed In Progress
2016-03-04 05:18:04 Marcus Tomlinson unity-js-scopes: status In Progress Fix Committed