Comment 15 for bug 844044

Ballock (ballock) wrote :

>>"We want a user list *and* we want the ability to enter a user-name by hand"
- could you define who "we" are and some use-cases where you have a list of users and and also other accounts not in the list but useful to log in as?<<

I can give you a use case, though it may be different than that of Thomas. We have LDAP authentication in place (with NSS as well), though this does not seem to pull the users to the list - and it makes no sense as there are hundreds of those. So in Lucid people clicked "Other", logged in and next time they would see their user on the logon screen and the "Other" user on the bottom.

Although mostly there is just 1 user per machine, sometimes other people need to be able to login to it as well, I hope you understand that. I saw your screenshot, this should be ok for us, I guess.