Comment 14 for bug 977262

Chris Halse Rogers (raof) wrote :

My understanding of the current state of unity-2d in precise-updates is:
1) If an application specifies a 24bit icon, it will get that icon, rather than a ‘?’
2) If an application specifies a 24bit icon, the colours of the icon will render incorrectly.

Is that correct? If so, I think “24bit icons are rendered with incorrect colours” is (a) a *different bug*, which I think should be filed separately in order to make things as clear as possible, and (b) I'd be happy to accept a fix for that bug in an SRU.

Separate from that is the fact that the fix for the colours being wrong isn't a minimal diff - it contains some refactoring, which makes what it actually does less clear than it could be. AFAICT the fix, as implemented, for 24bit colours being wrong is to not byteswap the 24bit pixmaps, but the diff doesn't make this clear.

So, from my perspective, the way to move this forward is to:
a) File a new bug, describing what the current behaviour of 24bit icons is (AFAICT, the colours are wrong)
b) Make a new unity-2d upload, closing that bug from the changelog.
 b*) For bonus points, clean up the diff so that it's clear what it's actually doing, but since I've already gone to the trouble of understanding it, this is optional.
c) I'll accept it into precise-proposed.

Alternatively, don't fix the 24bit colour bug this time, and re-upload a unity-2d without that fix.