Comment 8 for bug 609186

Hi Barry,

On Tue, 2010-09-28 at 18:54 +0000, Barry Warsaw wrote:
> I see your point about the confusion with debian: but lp-debian: is so
> ugly! :) I don't like the dashes.
> Maybe debianlp: which would still let us have the 'd:' shortcut. What
> do you think?
debianlp: or deblp: sounds good to me. I still think the "d:" is a bad
idea for the reason mentioned earlier. At the very least we would have
to disable it in the bzr-builddeb we upload to Debian, but even so it
would still be bad to have Ubuntu in case e.g. an ubuntu member wants to
contribute a branch back to Debian.

> apt: is a nice replacement for deb:

> I can see the sense it makes to add it to the launchpad (builtin)
> plugin. I don't have a strong opinion about it, except that maybe this
> is a nice little carrot to help people get into udd. But if you and
> James thinks it's better off in the launchpad plugin, let me know and
> I'll work up a branch for that.
FWIW I think the lp plugin would be slightly more appropriate, but
either would be a good home for these directories.

> Where is deb: added (so that I can work up a patch to change that to
> apt: too).
It lives in bzr-builddeb's