Comment 11 for bug 609186

On Tue, 28 Sep 2010 20:49:18 -0000, Barry Warsaw <email address hidden> wrote:
> re: another command. we could certainly do that; it would allow us to
> do apt-get source when there's a problem with the source branch. but
> otoh, there shouldn't be problems with the source branches, right?
> <wink> i do like being able to just 'bzr branch' like normal.

That's what we discussed in Prague.

> re: debianlp: maybe we should just support ubuntu:squeeze/foo and
> ubuntu:lenny/foo. we do get into a tricky area here with shortcuts in
> the distroseries position though. for now i'm only supporting the
> distroseries that launchpad support (though hardcoded in the plugin
> rather than consulting lp). i think we can avoid name collisions,
> because "ubuntu:squeeze" would have to be the squeeze package's source
> branch in the default distroseries, while "ubuntu:squeeze/squeeze" would
> be the same package in debian squeeze. we're probably safe until ubuntu
> 13.10's squishy squeeze ;)

> so how about this:
> * move the directory services to lp plugin
> * support ubuntu:<distroseries>/<package> where 'distroseries' can be
> any ubuntu or debian series

Seems a little hedgemonic to me.

> * support ubuntu:<package> for default distroseries (yeah, but for ubuntu or debian? i say the former, and be explicit about the
> distroseries if you want debian
> * u: is an acceptable alias for ubuntu:
> * rename deb: to apt:
> this would still let me 'bzr branch u:gtimelog' which is about as short
> as it gets. how's that sound?

I like the push to make this easier for people to deal with, but I'm not
sure a quest for the fewest characters is necessarily the right way.

I think Jelmer's concerns are well founded, but I'm not sure how best to
reconcile then with our desires at this point.