Comment 0 for bug 1833740

Erich Eickmeyer (eeickmeyer) wrote :


 * Users of desktops other than GNOME are erroneously installing "ubuntustudio-gnome-branding" from the package selection, causing gdm3 and all of gnome-shell to be pulled-in as dependencies. Users of desktops other than GNOME, especially if new to Linux, don't know any better and select it regardless.

 * While pulling-in and configuring gdm3, dpkg waits for the user to select between gdm3 and an already-installed DM, such as lightdm or sddm.

 * This upload fixes this by eliminating the "ubuntustudio-gnome-branding" from the selection.

[Test Case]

 * Using any flavor other than Ubuntu proper (i.e. the GNOME) desktop, install and run ubuntustudio-installer, selecting "ubuntustudio-gnome-branding" as an option. Click the "Install" button.

 * Installer will hang while awaiting DM selection instructions from the user, but are not available due to the way Ubuntu Studio Installer's tk/tcl script functions (does not present a selection dialog).

[Regression Potential]

 * Since nothing depends on ubuntustudio-installer to run functionally, there is no regression potential.

[Other Info]

 * This was not done originally as it was thought that users would actually read the description of the package explaining that it's for the default GNOME desktop only. Unfortunately, questions on and in the IRC chat room have appeared with this very issue.