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Pretty much anything I could use this for (particularly Zotero) requires WebDAV. This is a bit of a walled garden at the moment.

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Joshua Blount (jblount) wrote :

WebDAV support for Mac and Windows platforms was in our initial talks about the service, although at this point I do not believe they are anywhere on our roadmap for future development.

We would of course encourage porting of the client software to as many platforms as seemed useful,

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Elliot Murphy (statik) wrote :

We definitely plan to add a webdav interface, this has come up a lot in recent discussions.

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dobey (dobey)
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Fellipe (felipecorredor) wrote :


This topic has been inactive for more than 6 months, and I found no notices about webdav support in ubuntu one. I just want to know if there are news about it. Is it really in plans?


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Matt Griffin (mattgriffin) wrote :

No updates here. Busy implementing the 10.04 features. This feature, along with all of the other wishlist features, is under consideration for a future release. Thanks!

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Lucio Torre (lucio.torre) wrote :

Yes and no. We want to do webdav support, but we dont have this work scheduled for the lucid time frame and we havent planned for lucid+1 yet.

Dont hold your breath. :)

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johnkzin (john-rudd) wrote :

I can personally say that if support for webdav clients is added, I would quickly move from the basic/free account service level up to at least the 20GB (if not 40 or 60) account service level.

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xfkubus (info-borkentroll) wrote :

The Idea of Ubuntu One is great. And when it support webdav i will subscribe for a pay account.

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Janne (nurkkala) wrote :

As I just received my shiny Nokia N8, I'm also eager to get the WebDAV working with Ubuntu one. So when will we get it?
It would be nice to use One also with my phone :)

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willyram (gramhorst) wrote :

Any news? It would be great to be able to access ubuntu one from windows as a remote folder, so I don't wast space with a local replica and I can have as much GB as I want on the cloud.

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Matt Griffin (mattgriffin) wrote :

@willyram: WebDAV support is not on our roadmap for the next 6 months (for 11.04). It's an interesting idea and something that we will explore a bit further to see if we should add it to our next phase of development. Thanks for the idea!

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MestreLion (mestrelion) wrote :

Its a pity that such needed feature is being postponed for so long. Ubuntu is about freedom. WebDAV is an open standard. Adding support in UbuntuOne would both promote Ubuntu AND generate TONS of revenue to Cannonical. I cant understand why this is not top priority.

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Jürgen Blumenschein (blumej) wrote :

Ubuntu and UbuntuOne is a great idea. I'm in touch with Linux since kernel 0.98, use it on desktop since Suse 5.4 and use now Ubuntu an desktop and laptop since 9.04.
I spread the idea in my family and my office. But it would REALLY HELP, if UbuntuOne supports WebDAV!!!
Maybe Java is an island, but Linux/Ubuntu shouldn't be.

paul stone (stonesgoods)
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Shane Fagan (shanepatrickfagan) wrote :

@paul please dont change the status of bugs without asking a developer if its ok.

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Sam L. (somethinginteres) wrote :

Just adding a use case here. I deal with a substantial amount of research documents which I store in my U1 account. A lot of the research apps for iPad sync with WebDav servers e.g. GoodReader, an iOS application that a good number of Universities recommend. Providing WebDav support in Ubuntu One would allow users such as myself to seamlessly work with their files. Presently, I'm forced to upload to a different storage solution just for my work that facilitates this. Corporate clients would surely welcome the option. Thanks!

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eMKi (mkisovec) wrote :

I am another user of Ubuntu One who would greatly appreciate the possibility of WebDAV!

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0160 (im0160-3) wrote :

me too pleaseeeeeee webdav is getting more n more popular.


security and application notes (an ongoing research)

currently utilize webdav with truecrypt containers
 encrypt your files you dont want seen by others. trust is in technology is setup for failure.

webdav > /optional mounting/ > [encrypted sensitive file] [encrypted sensitive file2] ... = enter password for each file
webdav > mounted > truecrypt container > mounted > {sensitive files} = enter password once for entire container (but slower)
cons: truecrypt containers not accessible by iphone
         mounted webdavs can use more bandwidth for frequent syncing
         mounted truecrypt containers on mounted webdav connections = unreliable if connectivity issues exist

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Albert Cutrona (acutbal) wrote :

WebDAV it would be a great feature, just my two cents...

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AdlerHorst (adlerhorst) wrote :

I wish it to. Is there a update about a Roadmap for this?

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Redsandro (redsandro) wrote :

 +1. I keep watching any of the major clouds for this.

Dropbox: No.
Ubuntu One: No.
Google Drive: Only through a 3rd party service like (unsafe)
Skydrive: Only when authenticated through Windows .NET.

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Stuart Langridge (sil) wrote :

While Ubuntu One doesn't offer a webdav service, you may find that u1ftp, which is a local proxy allowing FTP access to Ubuntu One, can fulfil some needs in this area.

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