Comment 64 for bug 375272

MvW (2nv2u) wrote :

I would suggest Canonical (or Us?) should rebrand this software as personaOne (or something catchy), keeping the software in the repository and app stores (Android and IOS) and add server configuration option into the clients.
Include the server packages in to the repositories and make the server packages optional in the server installer.

As I mentioned in this bug (thread) before, I would still consider jumping ship from other storage providers and host the stuff myself if it was kept integrated in Ubuntu and exposed my listed features. (See #55)

It could potentially fill the gap Linux has in local / small business user and desktop management like the Active Directory from Microsoft provides. Would love to be able to install a new desktop, selecting a server to manage it's user access and keep the data stored / synced.

Perhaps we should just start this project, I would love to be a part of it and help thinking about what this product / project should entail, anyone interested? Can't wait... :)