Comment 23 for bug 375272

Kyle Jones (mutiny32) wrote :

Well, you just caught the attention of Reddit. I'm sure they will have some interesting input on this bug. I have one theoretical question though. What happens if the source is released and is deemed that code contained within is encompassed by some other license that mandates that source be freely accessible? I'm willing to wager that this is more than just a possibility; more of an almost certainty.

I just have to say that if it turns out that you are using open-source and licensed code on a project that you have closed off, you had damn well better be prepared to take some major heat. If it's one thing you don't do to the OSS community it would be to test the waters of legitimacy or legality of those licenses.

Then again, everything could be totally cool, you developed it all yourself, utilized licenses properly, and are just severely damaging the image of Canonical.