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Bug #392583 reported by kr4zyc1d on 2009-06-26
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I just received my invitation from ubuntuone and installed the service. So far it is great, no problems! I was wondering though, if there was any possible way to move the default location (or have a preferences option of being able to change where ubuntuone looks for updated files). Such as, I have a separate partition on my hard drive (one for my ubuntu installation, and the other for my documents). I have a link set up so that my Documents folder goes directly to that extra partition, so in the case of a re-install, I do not lose my files. Ubuntuone's default location for its folder is in /home/username folder. I have heard of people putting their home directory on another partition, which would also solve this issue, but for those that do not have that, or those that don't want the ubuntuone folder in their home folder, then it would make sense to see if it could be moved and still updated. Either way, just tossing around some ideas for the following versions! Thanks!

-- Matt.

Matt Griffin (mattgriffin) wrote :

We'll consider this for a future enhancement. Thanks for the suggestion. Keep 'em coming.

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Rosario Nuguid (charo-nuguid) wrote :

I'm using an Asus 4G 701 netbook and would love to move the ubuntuone directory to the SD card instead of using the ~/ubuntuone default. I do hope you can add this enhancement. I was forced to remove the app and use something else instead. My laptop still uses UbuntuOne though.

Lele Long (schemacs) wrote :

Space in "Ubuntu One" is terrible for development workspace's layout(like Eclipse),pls fix ASAP!

Ludwig Weinzierl (weinzierl) wrote :

Like schemacs I am also an eclipse user and the space makes ubuntu one pretty unusable for what I intended to do with it.
I am pretty sure there are other applications besides eclipse that'll have trouble with that.

Another problem is with my backups.
I don't want "Ubuntu One" backuped because it is already backuped in the cloud.
I could exclude it, but that is a hassle.
Different users will organize their home dirs differently, and in my scheme "Ubuntu One" just does not belong into home.

Please make the location of the "Ubuntu One" directory customizable.

I love ubuntuone, but having a directory with a fixed name (with spaces) in a fixed place (home dir) really feels like windows.

Jacobo de Vera (jdevera) wrote :

Those who are waiting for this to be fixed can also create a link to their Ubuntu One directory and have it named as they please.

Luca Invernizzi (invernizzi) wrote :

FYI, it's possible to change the default ubuntu one folder to any one of your liking, but the option is not exposed in the UI.

To do that, edit ~/.config/ubuntuone/syncdaemon.conf, adding the lines
root_dir = ~/myawesomeubuntuonefolder.

You'll have to restart ubuntu one to make this work. Either run "ubuntuone-preferences' and disconnect/reconnect your machine, or logout from your current session (gnome, probably).

Guillermo Gonzalez (verterok) wrote :

Hi Luca,

As you point out, it's possible to do it.

But it's kind of dangerous if you already have metadata pointing to the old location you might lose data (I need to test this, but it's a possibility.)

One option is to do this config change before the first start of ubuntuone-syncdaemon, another option is to stop syncdaemon, wipe all the metadata, change the config and start it again.


James Dupin (james.dupin) wrote :

the space in the name is a killer but you can take advantage of choosing to synchronize another folder (right-click on a folder, select the Ubuntu One option then se lect synchronize this folder.

Christof Schoell (c-schoell) wrote :

I have a 60GB ssd as main partition in my windows system - so this really is a problem especially in the windows client.

Hope this will be added soon :)

I have a 15gb partition as my windows system.... so this is even more so of a problem. (I do this as I format it quite often to keep it's performance and keep it virus free)

I too hope this will be added soon, or at least the option to add folders from outside C:/ as it gave me such message when I attempted to add a folder to sync from E:/

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