Comment 4 for bug 375145

Additionally, integration into the normal workflow is a huge part of KDE apps in general. While I can use a gnome application, that doesn't mean that I can use it without significantly adjusting how I work. I understand it likely works the same way for a kde app in a gnome environment.

It is a huge pain to have an app that doesn't play nicely with the kde workspace. This means not launching Nautilus when Dolphin or Konqueror (kpart) integration would work. This means using the new KDE systray as it matures (which I might add has fallbacks to work in other systrays). This means integrating into the KDE theme as a qt app (the gtk qt theme is blatantly broken in some areas). This means having a plasmoid that shows the status of the backup/sync. This means using the KDE Notifications to elegantly notify the user of status updates.

While I am already very thankful for the service, and I understand that code does not get written magically, I find it sad that a focus can be so intense on one environment that it completely misses another. Also, I think that having an integrated solution for sync is amazing and needed and wonderful and I can't praise Canonical enough for its forward steps in this direction.

Disclaimer: I haven't gotten an invite yet so I can't base this on much but conjecture, but from what I've seen regarding similar apps (dropbox, spideroak) they have great integration for gnome but then fall flat on their face for kde. And I must stress that the lack of open source clients prevents someone from developing their own integration. (that is a huge shame, if necessary atm)