Comment 25 for bug 1767067

Jeremy Bicha (jbicha) wrote :

@experimancer, I am sorry that you thought my response was arrogant.

The nature of the release process is that it's not possible to provide an exact hour and minute for release. The release was announced months ago that it would happen on April 26. In an extraordinary event, it's possible for a release to slip as late as the next day. While this was an annoying bug, it is sadly not unusual for late issues to be discovered while getting ready to prepare the release. That is why we test release candidate images -- so that we can find important issues in time to fix them and still get the release out sometime on the promised day. Most of these late bugs never get any attention at all in social media or news sites.

Since the release did happen on April 26 (at least in some timezones), there was no need to put out an announcement about it being late because it wasn't yet late really.

Ubuntu simply has way too many users for Ubuntu volunteers like me to be able to provide all of you individualized attention and explanations as to why we don't have a more precise ETA. In any case, this is completely off-topic since this webpage is about a bug that has now been fixed.