Comment 22 for bug 1767067

On Thu, Apr 26, 2018 at 09:41:52PM -0000, experimancer wrote:
> jbicha, don't reply with such an arrogant attitude on relevant questions
> about this bug - it is only interesting to most Ubuntu community members
> because of being a show stopper for 18.04 final release.

> FYI, I (and most of the community) have been following and tracking:
> for a long time, but you (Ubuntu) don't announce anything there; nothing
> about this bug, nothing about the final relase being suddenly delayd, so
> fix the bug, talk with your community and release the 18.04 or tell us
> why it has been delayd and for how long, thanks.

It is a waste of time to ask for updated timelines on this bug. The people
who are in a position to give you an updated estimate are busy working on
making the release actually happen.

It is true that this bug means the release has been delayed relative to when
the Release Team intended to release it. However, that does not make the
release "late". It is a bug that Launchpad reports milestone expectations
relative to 00:00 UTC. The actual committment is that it releases on
2018-04-26 (no timezone or time specified). You may find it useful to
adjust your expectations accordingly.