Comment 5 for bug 1715368

Hi Joseph,

we don't see this issue with all of the below kernels:

v4.11 final:
v4.12 final:

all these kernels have same bnxt_en 1.7.0 driver and Broadcom NetXtreme-E controllers are getting detected with this driver.

This issue is seen on the Ubuntu 16.04.03 base kernel(4.4.0-87). Below are the Ubuntu 16.04.03 base OS/Kernel details:

root@ubuntu160403-maaa:~# cat /etc/issue
Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS \n \l

root@ubuntu160403-maaa:~# uname -a
Linux ubuntu160403-maaa 4.4.0-87-generic #110-Ubuntu SMP Tue Jul 18 12:55:35 UTC 2017 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

root@ubuntu160403-maaa:~# modinfo bnxt_en
filename: /lib/modules/4.4.0-87-generic/kernel/drivers/net/ethernet/broadcom/bnxt/bnxt_en.ko
version: 0.1.24
description: Broadcom BCM573xx network driver
license: GPL
srcversion: 0110469E9118262B301CA46
alias: pci:v000014E4d000016D3sv*sd*bc*sc*i*
alias: pci:v000014E4d000016CBsv*sd*bc*sc*i*
alias: pci:v000014E4d000016D2sv*sd*bc*sc*i*
alias: pci:v000014E4d000016D1sv*sd*bc*sc*i*
alias: pci:v000014E4d000016CAsv*sd*bc*sc*i*
alias: pci:v000014E4d000016C9sv*sd*bc*sc*i*
depends: vxlan
intree: Y
vermagic: 4.4.0-87-generic SMP mod_unload modversions