Comment 6 for bug 1663991

Simon Davis (davis-decent) wrote :

Amazing, thank you very much.

I do not know about any workaround. Plugging the third HDD into another USB port brings the same result. On the other hand, it is possible to use USB flash drives. Probably because they are not UAS devices.

I had been running a three USB HDDs setup to the day the bug hit me. The setup was 2x USB 3 HDD plus 1x HDD in a USB 2 enclosure case. Everything was working.

I bought a USB hub and new USB 3 case enclosure. With this setup, I tried to plug all three HDDs into the hub and also two of them into the hub and one to another USB port. I ended up with 100% failure probability.

The presence of the hub or all three HDDs being USB 3, something could have triggered the bug. In such a case, using USB 2 or removing a hub could be an extremely ugly work around.

If there is not a serious work around, and I have not found any yet, I will wait for the kernel update.