Comment 10 for bug 1663991

Simon Davis (davis-decent) wrote :

Vej, Thank you very much for posting the links.

"What sort of updates are allowed for post-release kernels?"

"It fixes a critical issue (data-loss, OOPs, crashes) or is security related. Security related issues might be covered by security releases which are special in handling and publication."


"2. When"

"Stable release updates will, in general, only be issued in order to fix high-impact bugs. Examples of such bugs include:"

"Bugs which may, under realistic circumstances, directly cause a loss of user data"

This is exactly the case but Ubuntu probably does not care until a massive data loss happens to thousands of people. I encountered serious data loss yesterday. Fortunately, I managed to recover the important part of data from backups.

Even my main disk, SATA connected SSD (!), was left stuck as a result of this bug. The USB connected drives hung first, the rest of the system hung after I tried to unplug them. They were not mounted at the moment, the SATA SSD was, of course.

USB is a very important part of computers and using USB connected storage devices is critically important functionality as well. I really do not understand how such a serious bug can be left unfixed.