Comment 45 for bug 1487679

Note that the workaround here is to edit the file in /etc/init.d/ manually and remove the circular dependency. If somebody familiar could detail the exact edit here for the benefit of others, that would be appreciated.

Local changes to /etc will be preserved on package upgrades.

Since there is a workaround, this issue is not critical. See for definitions. I'm editing the subject line of the bug to avoid users getting unrealistic expectations of an imminent fix.

If somebody would like to volunteer debdiffs that we can upload to fix this, please do. nbd is already fixed in newer releases, so see for what you need to do for stable releases.

I don't understand what exactly is the problem with the other packages that others have added tasks for. It would be helpful if someone could explain each one using the form of a normal bug report (steps to reproduce, etc). In particular, it is not helpful to assume that the same error message means that it is the same bug, since if it turns out not to be the case, then it just leads to a whole bunch of confusion in the same bug. If in doubt, please use separate bugs to track different initially.