Comment 19 for bug 1466926

On Tue, Mar 13, 2018 at 06:25:35AM -0000, ChristianEhrhardt wrote:
> Hi Łukasz,
> that is a fair set of questions, but I'm not a high profile webserver admin either to give you better answers.
> We have a few active bug reporters that are affected subscribed, maybe
> they can try to answer the SRU Teams (=Łukasz in this case) questions?

This issue was brought to us some months ago by a Ubuntu Advantage user,
because one of the OpenStack charms (IIRC the keystone charm) was
reloading the configuration often enough to trigger this problem. I
don't have more details than those as I was not actively working on the

Also is a common (bad?) practice in configuration management software to
reload configurations often, some are better written and reload only
when it's needed, but I've seen a fair amount of sysadmin's scripts
where calling "reload" is considered a cheap and harmless operation.