Binary package “nginx-core-dbgsym” in ubuntu xenial

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 Nginx ("engine X") is a high-performance web and reverse proxy server
 created by Igor Sysoev. It can be used both as a standalone web server
 and as a proxy to reduce the load on back-end HTTP or mail servers.
 This package provides a version of nginx with the complete set of
 standard modules included (but omitting some of those included in
 STANDARD HTTP MODULES: Core, Access, Auth Basic, Auto Index, Browser, Empty
 GIF, FastCGI, Geo, Limit Connections, Limit Requests, Map, Memcached, Proxy,
 Referer, Rewrite, SCGI, Split Clients, UWSGI.
 OPTIONAL HTTP MODULES: Addition, Auth Request, Charset, WebDAV, GeoIP, Gunzip,
 Gzip, Gzip Precompression, Headers, HTTP/2, Image Filter, Index, Log, Real IP,
 SSI, SSL, Stream, Stub Status, Substitution, Thread Pool, Upstream, User ID,
 MAIL MODULES: Mail Core, Auth HTTP, Proxy, SSL, IMAP, POP3, SMTP.
 NOTE: This is identical to the -full build, but without any third party
 modules built in.

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