Binary package “golang-github-gorilla-mux-dev” in ubuntu xenial

A powerful URL router and dispatcher for golang.

 Package gorilla/mux implements a request router and dispatcher.
 The name mux stands for "HTTP request multiplexer". Like the standard
 http.ServeMux, mux.Router matches incoming requests against a list of
 registered routes and calls a handler for the route that matches the URL
 or other conditions. The main features are:
  * Requests can be matched based on URL host, path, path prefix, schemes,
    header and query values, HTTP methods or using custom matchers.
  * URL hosts and paths can have variables with an optional regular expression.
  * Registered URLs can be built, or "reversed", which helps maintaining
    references to resources.
  * Routes can be used as subrouters: nested routes are only tested if the
    parent route matches. This is useful to define groups of routes that share
    common conditions like a host, a path prefix or other repeated attributes.
    As a bonus, this optimizes request matching.
  * It implements the http.Handler interface so it is compatible with the
    standard http.ServeMux.

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