qtchooser binary package in Ubuntu Trusty ppc64el

 Qt is a cross-platform C++ application framework. Qt's primary feature
 is its rich set of widgets that provide standard GUI functionality.
 The Qt Chooser provides a wrapper to switch between versions of Qt
 development binaries when multiple versions like 4 and 5 are installed
 or local Qt builds are to be used.
 If you wish to use Qt development binaries with the default PATH and
 without special parameters, you need to additionally install either
 qt4-default or qt5-default package to provide the default configuration.

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  2014-02-19 13:38:43 UTC Published Ubuntu Trusty ppc64el release main libdevel Extra 39-g4717841-3
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  Deleted Ubuntu Trusty ppc64el proposed main libdevel Extra 39-g4717841-3
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  2014-02-19 13:41:02 UTC Superseded Ubuntu Trusty ppc64el release main libdevel Extra 39-g4717841-2
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  • Superseded by ppc64el build of qtchooser 39-g4717841-3 in ubuntu trusty PROPOSED
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