Comment 5 for bug 1504781

To completely rule out that it's not the python3.4 regression in trusty-proposed (bug 1500768) or the (really unrelated) udev fix in bug 1470399 I instead ran it with --apt-pocket=proposed --setup-commands 'apt-get update; apt-get -y install linux-generic' instead of the -U/--apt-upgrade switch, so that it only runs against the new kernel, but nothing else in -proposed.

@St├ęphane: It would be really useful if the test suite could detect failures of lxc-start, and show its output on failures. Such quiet/forever-hanging tests without any timeouts are both unnecessarily hard to detect, as well as put quite a burden on the infrastructure as they just hang around for 2:50 hours until the autopkgtest timeout kicks in.