Comment 37 for bug 1504781

Hi Marc,
please check comment #33 from Serge. He explained that formally lxc in precise is not covered by lts.

However a very special case as a LTS update in main in precise (kernel) did break unrelated software (lxc) which is a clear regression.
And then not having that other software not in being in main -> skips it from LTS is lets say very annoying.

using that higher version of lxc is not a perfect drop-up replacement either as usage changed compared to old precise lxc (i.e. no lxc-list anymore but lxc-ls -f) and maybe other changes.

We'll probably look into backporting the lxc fix for precise as we have quite a few machines affected. But no ETA, so if anybody else here can pick that up before that would be very welcome.

Any chance to get some policy statement from Ubuntu here? As i see maybe that example as very special regression caused by lts update should maybe warrant fixing items not in main if broken by it.