Comment 13 for bug 1504781

Stephen Gaito (3-stephen) wrote :


As of this morning's security roll out of the Linux 3.13.0-66 kernel, this bug *is* effecting *live* LXC containers ;-(

(I am using Trusty 14.04 LTS - I note that recently built Trusty 14.04.3 machines are not rolling out Linux 3.13.0-66 as they have Linux 3.19.0-30-generic)

Reading between the lines of @jjohansen's comments (#8, #10), I updated my /etc/apparmor.d/abstractions/lxc/start-container apparmor configuration file from the existing:

> mount options=bind /dev/pts/ptmx/ -> /dev/ptmx/,


> mount options=(rw, bind) /dev/pts/ptmx/ -> /dev/ptmx/,

Unfortunately I can confirm that this *does* *not* solve the problem. Have I misunderstood something?

I can also confirm that I have exactly the same error messages listed above in @pitti's comment #4.

Is there any know work-around/fix?