Comment 5 for bug 1511222

Hello Eugene,

Thanks for pointing out this bug report on the Apache httpd dev mailing list.
It answers a mystery I had with regard to bug 55635.
As you can see in comment 1 (of 55635), I submitted results that were somewhat different from those of the bug reporter.
In comment 3, I gave an explanation of the bug reporter's results.
But that did not explain my own results.

Once I applied your patch from this bug, my results matched those of the bug reporter in 55635.
It appears that the bug reporter in 55635 had the patch for 54651 applied.
So I confirm that your patch is indeed valid and useful.

Since I am a relatively new developer (1 year) for the Apache httpd project, I do not have committer access.
Perhaps there is a committer who is interested in mod_remoteip that will consider committing the 54651 patch to trunk.

Thanks again,

Mike Rumph