Comment 30 for bug 876626

Steve Langasek (vorlon) wrote :

ilf, this bug is a corner case. It only affects users who are using encryption on a volume *other* than the one containing their root filesystem, only when these filesystems are mounted at boot time, and only when they are opting not to use the default plymouth splash interface. I have been using encrypted filesystems on my laptop continuously since at least 2007 and like most users of cryptsetup am entirely unaffected by this bug.

So while it's important for us to fix this, it is not a release blocker by any means, and has been given a corresponding priority within the development team.

If you disagree with the timeline, you can try to persuade a developer in the community to do this work, or you can contract someone to do the work. But whether or not you elect to do this, please stop harranguing the developers. That's not what the bug tracker is here for.